Find the best car insurance in Los Angeles

By Team Clearcover  3 minute read

By Team Clearcover

3 minute read

In the market for car insurance in Los Angeles? We have good news for you: we happen to know a lot about shopping for car insurance and have put together some tips to make your search easy.

So, here’s everything you need to know to find the best car insurance in LA—and everything you need to gather—to actually buy a policy.

Here’s the paperwork you need to get a car insurance quote:

  1. Driver's license.

    You should have your license handy, as well as the license numbers of everyone else who will be on your policy.

  2. Vehicle registration.

    The registration is a good place to look for your Vehicle Identification Number and other info about your car. (Haven’t registered your car yet? You can also find your VIN on your car’s dashboard or printed on the sticker inside your car’s door jamb. Get more information on finding your VIN here.)

  3. Current insurance information (especially the “declarations” page).

    If you’re already insured, it’s good to have your current policy information with you as well. You’ll be able to see your current levels of coverage, which will make choosing new coverages a lot easier.

  4. Checking account info or other payment options (like a credit card).

    Once you find a quote you like, you’ll need to put a payment down for the policy to be effective.

Here’s the other information you’ll need to have handy:

  • Social security number.

    (You already know yours, of course, but you’ll also need the SSNs of every other driver on the policy.)

  • The VIN for every vehicle that will be on the policy.

  • The make, model, and year of every car you’re planning to insure.

  • The odometer reading of any cars on the policy.

  • Your street address.

    Keep in mind: you need to use the address where the car will be parked. It’s illegal to use a secondary address or the address of a friend or relative who doesn’t live with you. (Seriously, don’t ignore this one: there are major consequences for using the incorrect address.)

  • Your name and date of birth.

    You’ll need this information for any other drivers, too.

Next, here’s the best way to shop for car insurance online.

Basically, there are two steps you should always do before you purchase a policy.

  1. Compare quotes. Comparing car insurance prices used to mean filling out a bunch of forms on different websites. Luckily, times have changed. Now, you can use comparison sites like ZebraCompare, or Insurify to get a list of prices. Alternatively, there are digital agents like GabiJerry, or Cover that will actually do your car insurance shopping for you. Comparing quotes is fast (and it’s worth the time).

  2. Check car insurance reviews. Once a company gives you a quote you like, take a few minutes to read that company’s online reviews. This is important. Not all car insurance companies have the same standards of quality and support, and you need a company that will take good care of you if something happens. A quick stop at Trustpilot will give you the info you need to make a good decision.

Once you’ve got a good price from a reputable company, you’ll need to choose which coverages you want.

Minimum car insurance coverages in Los Angeles, California:

Choosing car insurance coverages can be a little tricky, but there’s always a baseline minimum: the coverages mandated by your state. Here are the car insurance coverages you are legally required to have in California.

Beyond that, you’ll need to do a little research to see which coverages are best for you. If you’re already insured, your current coverages are a good place to start. The minimum coverage may cost the least but you could end up in a situation where you wished you had paid more for better coverage. If you aren't sure what's the best coverage package for your needs, you can call our Customer Advocate team to discuss your options.

What if you can’t afford California car insurance?

If car insurance is just too expensive, you might be able to qualify for California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program. (You can take a look at the Income Eligibility Guidelines here to see if you qualify.)

The savings through the CLCA program can be significant. In Los Angeles, you can get car insurance for as low as $490 per year. If a normal car insurance bill is just a little too much to swing right now, it’s worth checking out.

Ready to get going on a car insurance quote? We’d love to help you out.

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