Here’s the simple way to buy car insurance online

By Team Clearcover  4 minute read

By Team Clearcover

4 minute read

We’ll be brief: there are over 2,000 car insurance companies in the United States, so if you’re shopping for car insurance, you have a lot of options to sift through.

We won't tell you which company to choose, but we will tell you what you should look for: we believe a great car insurance product should be reliable, simple to use, and—above all—affordable.

That can be hard to find, but we built an entire company on the belief that this kind of insurance is both possible and necessary.

So here’s what makes Clearcover the better, simpler car insurance choice.

Our smart technology saves you (lots) of money

Many of the problems with traditional car insurance are caused by inefficient systems and decades-old tech. Imagine getting information via fax machine again— you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. The fact is: while technology marches ahead in other industries, the insurance industry continues to lag behind—and that’s expensive for you. When you pay your car insurance premium, you’re probably also paying for a lot of inefficiencies caused by outdated technology.

At Clearcover, we’re reimagining car insurance—using smart, efficient technology.

At Clearcover, we’re reimagining car insurance—using smart, efficient technology. We use advanced tech in every layer of our company, from calculating risk all the way through to customer support, to make all of our processes faster and more efficient.

Even more important than efficiency, though, is the fact that our focus on smart technology saves us money. And we pass that savings right along to you. Our customers have even reported saving up to $200 a month after switching to Clearcover (really.)

Clearcover car insurance is simple and fast to buy online

Getting a traditional car insurance quote can often take the better part of an hour and, in some cases, can take several weeks. The questionnaires are full of terms most of us don’t use in daily life and tricky decisions that just aren’t explained very well.

Then, once you choose a price you like, you’re often forced to re-enter your information somewhere else (or, even make a phone call) to actually purchase the policy. It can be pretty frustrating.

Clearcover’s process is entirely online and it’s as simple and clear as we can make it. You don’t have to “speak insurance” to understand it. And, if you come to us from one of our partners, we’ll even pre-fill most of your information so you see your final price fast.

Also, because we’re anti-stress here, we’ll recommend an individual coverage package to make all your decisions as easy as possible.

Finally, once you get the policy you want, you can purchase a policy in a few clicks. Done. (We’re proud of that part.)

Our car insurance is designed to make your life easier

While we love to geek out over car insurance, we understand that there are really only two times when you need to think about it: when you buy it, and when you need to file a claim.

Unfortunately, while insurance websites have gotten somewhat more advanced, the claims process still isn’t very friendly. Think about it: if you got in an accident tomorrow, do you even know how you would file a claim? Which form to fill out? Which number to call? If you don’t know, how would you find out?

At Clearcover, the process is simple: to file a claim, you tap a button in the app. (In fact, 2/3rds of Clearcover claims have been submitted digitally because it's so much easier than making a call.)

After you’re in the app, you’ll answer a few questions and we’ll take over the heavy lifting from there. We understand that filing an insurance claim is stressful, and that it’s a process that really matters to you. So we’ve done our best to make it as painless as we can.

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t

We get it—a lot of insurance products are way too complicated. Think of all the time you spend chasing down discounts and trying to compare coverage packages that don’t seem to be the same.

Truth is, we’ve found that you’re really only looking for four things when you shop for car insurance:

Great, reliable insurance.
This is what insurance is all about. You need to be covered when it counts. We offer all the coverages you’d expect from any other insurer, and we back our customers 100%.

A low price.
We don’t make you hunt for discounts. We simply offer every customer the lowest price that we responsibly can—with all discounts built right in. And because we don’t spend money on unnecessary extras, that price is often pretty low.

Simple, easy-to-understand tools.
You don’t want to spend tons of time with your insurance policy, so we’ve built tools that let you do what you need to do—and fast.

Quick, dependable support.
If you need to talk to someone, we’re always here (and we’re always friendly).

That’s it. That list is how we spend our budget, our time, and our energy. Although we love our technology, we only use it to make your experience better, faster, and simpler.

In other words, we only design things that our customers actually need.

In other words, we only design things that our customers actually need. We leave the rest alone, because we believe car insurance should be the simplest and least stressful product you own.

Ready to try online car insurance that’s just better?