Clearcover car insurance launches in Illinois!

By Alice Patel  2 minute read

By Alice Patel

2 minute read

We’ve got big news: Smarter car insurance from Clearcover is now available in the state of Illinois. Our team has accomplished a lot in the past eighteen months, but this is an especially big moment for us. Illinois is our home base. It's the state we know the best. It's where we drive. And since we launched in 2018, our friends and neighbors have been asking us when we'd bring Clearcover home. Well, we've been working hard toward that goal for a long time, and it's finally happening. We couldn't be happier.

Live in Illinois? Get an auto insurance quote from Clearcover.

Don't know us yet? Clearcover is the smarter car insurance choice. We offer better coverage for better rates and back it all up with rock-solid support and claims service. You can get insured online in minutes because we believe in making the process easy and convenient. Basically, as our current Clearcover drivers will tell you, we save you time and money.

And with extra time and money on your hands, you can do a lot in Illinois. To that end, we asked the Clearcover team what they’d do in Chicago with a free day and some unexpected cash. Here’s what they told us.

Top Chicago experiences from the Clearcover team

“There’s something magical about the first weekend in Chicago where the weather is over 70 degrees. After dealing with winter, Chicago seems to blossom. You’ll feel it in your bones to go outside and just enjoy sunlight. To celebrate, I go over to Wicker Park and spend the day eating tacos at the outdoor patio at Big Star.” - Jeff K., Engineering

“Wake up early to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan. In the summer, the Fullerton and Lake Front Trail is a great place to bring a blanket, a cup of coffee and a book to start the day!” - Mckenzie H., People & HR

“Chicago is one of the best food cities in the country, but, unlike some other culinary destinations, Chicago's food scene feels accessible no matter your budget. One of my favorite things to do with friends and family is to try new restaurants that get great reviews.” - Ariana G., Brand

“I’d suggest visiting Lincoln Park and taking in the beauty and tranquility within the city and next to the lake. When you’re done visiting the fountains and gardens, you can then walk through the free Lincoln Park Zoo! To top off the day, grab some deep dish pizza and enjoy what Chicago has to offer.” - Brett G., Product

However, some people feel differently….

"Here's the deal. If you’re headed to Chicago, people that don’t know Chicago are going to tell you to go get deep dish at some tourist trap. People that think they know Chicago are going to tell you to forget that and get a bacon cheeseburger at Au Cheval. Those people are right, you should do that. However, I’d tell you to get the Beijing Duck at Sun Wah BBQ off the Arygle L stop on the Red Line. You won’t regret it. Ask for extra hoisin sauce." - Rob R., Customer Advocate

“Drive south on Lake Shore Drive on a beautiful summer night. As you approach the museum campus, the skyline is to your right, the lake is to your left, and it looks like you’re going to drive right past the front steps of the Field Museum. It’s a perfect stretch of road that reminds you of all the amazing things the city has to offer.” - Adam F., Product

“The various Chicago neighborhoods add personality and vibrancy to the city. On a free night, my wife and I pick an ethnic neighborhood, spontaneously select a restaurant to try, then explore various local shops…an adventure without leaving the city.” - Jack C., Product

“My favorite Chicago activity is movies in the park in the summer. My mom used to take my sisters and me when we were young and now I go as much as possible. You can find movies that you may have not seen in a while as well as new movies —all while enjoying the company of others.” - Shermetrius B., People & HR

Now, all that’s left is to extend a warm welcome to Illinois drivers. We’ve worked hard to bring you better, smarter car insurance, and we’re excited to have you on board as we take Clearcover across the country.

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